The Best Rafting Shoes To Wear For Hitch-Free Whitewater Trips

The Best Rafting Shoes To Wear For Hitch-Free Whitewater Trips

The Best Rafting Shoes To Wear For Hitch-Free Whitewater Trips

Rafting on whitewater is fun and adventurous, especially with the best rafting shoes. Whether it is the first trip under the guidance of an instructor or a typical summer adventure, covering your feet adds to the thrilling experience. Besides, a complete outfit with the proper footwear provides maximum protection.

Although it is a tradition for most hikers to select life jackets and helmets (to prevent sunburns) as their top picks, carefully selecting the best shoes for rafting destinations is also necessary. This is because you will get wet, even when careful not to fall out. As a result, you will need shoes to protect yourself from water colds.

To this end, we will help you minimize water chills and the sunburn effect on whitewater trips. In this article, you will find the shoes that will work just for you and ensure hitch-free rafting.

What are the Best Water Rafting Shoes?

Wearing shoes may be your last thought if you want to feel water sensations while rafting. It is fun, but the idea is out of the box. You need the best shoes for white water rafting; the goal is safety and comfort.

Water Shoes

Find the perfect pairs of shoes no more to raft; Water shoes are the top picks for rafting on whitewater. As the name suggests, the shoes come in a design typically meant for in and out-water activities. For the short and long term, the shoes are versatile for men and women.

Water shoes are handy in white water with their snug fit feature and lightweight soles. For water adventurers, the rafting shoes help keep your feet from getting bogged down with extra weight from water inflow. Simply put, they drain and dry quickly when wet.

While the mesh fabrics enable easy airflow, their soles are suitable for different landscapes. They are also easy to find in shoe stores, and there are no special rules to wearing them. For your next trip, wear them and head out in your other water gears. It is that simple.


Sandals are ideal to use for summer trips such as vacations or casual events. In every case, selecting water sandals as one of your preferred rafting shoes is never out of place. The shoe's design is suitable for use on the water and reuse on different trips.

While most women's footwear becomes heavy and tilts to damage from minimal contact with water, water sandals are not. The lightweight sandals don't get bogged down from water inflow and at an excess rate. Even better, you can find pairs that swiftly dry from water splashes.

You may consider bringing water socks as additional leg protection on water trips. But with women's rafting sandals, it is needless. You will only get your feet smelly. Preferably, find ankle strap sandals that firmly hold the shoes on your foot for a seamless rafting experience.

Running Shoes

Want the all-weather shoes for rafting? Running shoes are the perfect pair. These shoes help create balance in warm water that tops off from excessive summer heat. And while maintaining moderate body temperature in cold water splashes, they are suitable white water rafting shoes for winter.

When it comes to pairs of men's and women's running shoes, you will find an adequate cushion for water adventures. Their shoelaces on the upper part, combined with soft insoles, enable users to tie them tightly and maintain a firm grip. Even better, the shoe's soft footbed provides an all-time safety to a great extent.

Forget the typical one-off shoes. Running shoes can outlive annual cycles; summer and winter. Thanks to their resistance to slipping, they are durable to use simultaneously on water trips.

Training Shoes

Training shoes are one of the ideal rafting shoes to use if you are unfamiliar with intense water trips. Due to reasons that whitewater can include small rocky stones on complex terrain, you can leverage these shoes for hitch-free rafts movement. Their easy-to-use design perfectly fits trainees and frequent rafters who want the best of adventures.

While these leather-made shoes may not effectively drain water as quickly as water shoes, the upper vamps are breathable for ventilation. They are also ideal for consecutive rafting with their flexible rubber sole and cushioned footbed. And if you are concerned about your leg safety, training shoes provide the utmost comfort combined with confidence.

Tennis Shoes

You may not, but include tennis shoes in shoes to bring on whitewater. Don't get your collections wrong. They can be your go-to if it is a one-off water trip, as they aren't lasting enough for consecutive use. However, an advantage is that the shoes are easy to find and convenient to use on wet legs.

Tennis heels can help to maintain grips when the water waves bring you overboard. With their cushioned sole, you can keep your legs in the best form. And with a breathable upper, the shoes are handy during hot weather in summer.

If you want to bring fashion styles on board to whitewater, you can find your preferred hues from different tennis colors. Pair them with your favorite bathing suits for a sleek style on rafts after bathing.

What are the Essential Features to Find in the Best Rafting Shoes for You?

● Weight

You wouldn't want to feel heavy on rafts and limit the fun of whitewater adventures. Do you? To ensure you have the best shoes, find lightweight shoes to keep you in the best form. Herein, shoes with heavy foams may not be necessary. Simply find flexible footwear that is adequate for your legs to purchase at the shoe store.

● Water Protection

No matter how careful you are, you cannot rule out the chances of getting water splashes on rafts. Hence, it becomes necessary to protect your feet to avoid water logs as they may not be healthy for your legs.

In most cases, water and waterproof shoes are the best footwear to enlist as the top picks. However, the goal is to make protection a priority for whichever shoes you want to pick.

● Durability

Rafting can take hours, depending on how intense the trip can be. Whether it does or otherwise, there is no need to risk the fun in old shoes.

Having shoes that are not durable and strong enough can end your trip halfway. But selecting shoes that can take you far, even in rough terrain, is essential for a hitch-free water trip.