What Should You Carry In Your Hiking Backpack?

What Should You Carry In Your Hiking Backpack?

What Should You Carry In Your Hiking Backpack?


The hiking season is coming and some of you might already have decided on where your next hike is going to be. When you are going on a hike there are some ‘must carry’ things that you need to bring along. A well-experienced hiker knows about them but if you lack experience don’t worry as you stumbled upon the right place.

The article is dedicated to those how are ready to go on their very first hike and require information. And we are going to guide you through this process. Find what you need for hiking in this post so you come back safely with a thrilling experience.

You don’t want your first hiking experience to be your last, do you? So be smart and make a checklist. It would ensure that you have all the necessary stuff leaving no room for mistakes.

But before we dive into the article you should know that the list for “what you need for hiking” changes with the place you have in mind for hiking. Certainly, hiking necessities in deserts would be slightly different from hiking necessities in a mountain. The weather also demands different equipment since hiking in summer is a lot different than hiking in winter.

What you need for hiking varies thus, we prepared a list to give you an idea about the initial things you must have with you while hiking. Of course, according to the place and weather, you can add or subtract a few things. But with this article, you would know where to start when you are thinking about packing for a hike.    

TIPS For Helping You Out with Your First Hike 

If you are a new bee in the hiking sector, the following tips would turn out to be of great help. So, remember to follow them before going on a hike. With that being said, the hiking tips are:

  1. Share detailed information about your hiking activity with your family
  2. Never burden yourself with the extra load as it would kill the hiking spirit.
  3. Go for something easy at the beginning when you are picking a hiking spot.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated by carrying a good amount of water.
  5. Solo hiking is no fun so make sure you have a fellow hiker.
  6. Carry a cell phone as a precaution.
  7. Keep the phone switched off for preventing power consumption.
  8. It’s best to do some warm-up before you start hiking.
  9. Hike only on your planned track for lowering risk factors.  

Best Clothes and Shoes for Hiking 

The kind of cloth you are wearing has a lot to do with your overall hiking experience. Your selected pants and shoes must be according to the weather and your hiking place. Again, you must be extra careful about the hiking boots you are wearing.

For summer hikes short pants may feel like the best option. But the choice is not so appropriate if you are going for a hike in the woods. Thus, choose pants that go down to your ankles for hiking in the woods. Purchase the kinds that are not heavy and perfect for summer.

For winter hiking wear multiple layers of clothes. It’s better to wear two pairs of socks before putting on your hiking boots or snow boots. The right kind of hiking boots ensures maximum comfort and longer hikes.

What You Need for Hiking Trip

You don’t need to pack much when it is a short hiking trip. So, what you need for hiking are things which are absolutely needed. Let’s find out the things that you needed for hiking.


The first thing on the list is water. While hiking you would sweat a lot regardless of the weather. So, you would need to drink water from time to time. Carry enough water so you don’t dehydrate yourself.   

Safety kit

It’s always wise to have a safety kit in your bag. You might not need them or the hiking tracks might not be dangerous but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have a flashlight, a whistle, a first aid kit, and a matchbox or similar item for starting a fire. Also, keep a knife for cutting purposes. This might prove to be a great help.


Who would not like to sit and relax next to a waterfall or a river admiring the beauty of nature? These moments become more enjoyable when you have food to munch on.  

Prepare for Weather Changes 

Checking out the weather report of the hiking day is a must. But it’s not rare to witness the total opposite of the weather report. Thus, carry a raincoat, a cape, and warm clothes. Even if the weather report claims that the day would remain sunny. This will eliminate any difficulty caused by a sudden drop in temperature.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Sunscreen and sunglasses are also must-carry items for hiking in summer. Applying sunscreen prevents sunburn and sunglasses protect your eyes from excessive sunlight.   

Navigation Apparatuses

Knowledge about your exact location lowers the possibility of getting lost. Most of the hikers keep GPS for direction purposes but we recommend you carry a compass and a map.  

Having all those things boost your confidence in bad situations. Again, with a map, you can look for a water stream, places to rest, and possible ways that will take you out of the hiking spot.  


It’s best to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Imagine you require to use the washroom but sadly it’s nowhere near. What would you do then? Keeping that in mind, pack trash bags, hand rub, and toilet rolls for avoiding embarrassing situations.

Insect Repellent Spray

If you are hiking in the woods then bug spray becomes a dire need unless you want to get bitten by them. I have seen many people return home in terrible conditions because of them. Mosquitos, bees, and different types of insects would ruin your hiking experience if you are not prepared.

Get the best kind of spray that is not harsh on your skin and use them frequently. Make sure the spray is appropriate for your age since adult bug sprays are harmful to children. So, if you are not an adult be sure to pick a spray good for children.

Bottom Line 

Don’t stress and enjoy your very first hike. No need to make haste. Hiking is your chance to relish the beauty of nature. An opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Keep the above tips in mind and pack accordingly. This will ensure that you are good to go on your hike and make a safe return.