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What's the differencce between Hiking and trekking

What's the differencce between Hiking and trekking

Hiking and trekking are two of the most popular outdoor activities in the world. Both involve being out in nature and enjoying the fresh air. However, there are a few differences between hiking and trekking that you should be aware of before heading off on your next adventure.  Terrains, difficult, equipment and gears used, make them different from each other.

Hiking and Trekking Difference

Let’s get into the difference between hiking and trekking.

What is Hiking

Hiking is a kind of outdoor activity which can be done on your own or with a group. Hikes are usually short in distance, but the time taken to complete them can vary greatly depending on how challenging the path is. These two are frequently used interchangeably; however they have got very different meanings. .  Hiking is comparatively one of the easiest adventures. It is a kind of long walk in beautiful nature.

Hikers seek to appreciate the outdoors, as well as exercise and get away from civilization. It is long hours of walking on different tracks. A hike is a short walk in the woods or along a trail, and has no specific destination. Hikers hike for fun and exercise, and don’t really care about how far they go. It is relatively easy and does not require climbing skills and equipment.  While going for hiking you don’t need to be technically trained for trails, all you need is body fitness. If you are fit and healthy and have some stamina you can go whenever you can.

What is Trekking

Trekking is a long distance hike which, like hiking, is a non-competitive activity. Trekking trails can be as long as you want as they are usually not marked by steps. Trekking is usually done with a pack, although there are some areas where porters can be hired to carry your bags. Trekking is a similar to hiking but involves carrying your gear. It often requires camping at the trailheads and moving from place to place. It is generally a trip of two days or more.

Trekking is much more ambitious. Trekkers plan treks for months in advance, and will travel great distances to reach their destinations. This style of hiking is most popular in South America, where there are hundreds of trekking routes established each year.

Gear Essentials for Hiking and Trekking

Hiking is a recreational activity that involves walking, while trekking is more of an adventure sport. Trekking requires physical strength and endurance to enjoy the experience. Hiking can be done by anyone with or without proper gear, but trekking requires special equipment for protection from harsh weather conditions.

When you're talking about gear, hikers are in for a day trip; they need comfortable shoes, water-resistant clothing, and lightweight backpacks. Water from 20 to 30 liters is enough for one day hiking.  

Trekkers are going to be out for days or even weeks at a time; they need sturdy shoes, water resistant jackets , or rain coats, enough  stock of food , water (and means to purify water) and sleeping bags or tents.

No water how much is difference between hiking and trekking, you must carry a gear before planning any one of them. Some of the common essentials for both hiking and trekking are listed below:

  • A paper  map
  • A compass to navigate the direction
  • A first aid kit which is very important to give yourself first aid in case of any injury
  • A flashlight with extra batteries and bulb especially when you are trekking
  • Extra food and snacks which should be protein rich because you need energy especially when you are climbing
  • Rain gear in case of bad weather and extra clothes when you are trekking
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and bug repellent because no one wants to get tanned or get bitten by bugs.
  • A pocket knife
  • Matches, candles or other fire starter

Should you use different shoes for Hiking and Trekking?

Are you planning to go for hiking or trekking with your regular shoes? Stop right there. Never do such mistake. Here we will discuss about the shoes you should select for hiking and trekking. As stated above there is difference between hiking and trekking and their trails. You cannot use same shoes for hiking and trekking.

 Hiking shoes must be light and breathable. Trail runners are meant for trail running but they are also good for hiking. Many hikers like trail runners more than regular hiking shoes because they are lighter, breathable, and comfortable. Hiking shoes are also good and comfortable and can last up to 1000kilometers depending on brand and model. Hiking shoes also comes in boots style and insulated boots as well for snowy tracks. Whatever kind of hiking shoes you will buy, focus on grooves too because your shoes must be anti-slippery. Sole must be hard and sturdy to avoid bending on rocky surfaces.

Trekking shoes on the other hand,  have groves on the sole for giving you a good grip on different surfaces.  Always go for shoes with good grip. Because when are you on a trek, you are likely to be trekking on loose mud, loose soil, boulders or even on snow or ice, so that is where this comes in handy. Your trek shoes should also have good ankle support to prevent any ankle twisting on terrains and restrain the movement of ankle. Your shoes sole should be hard and thick which is also very important.  No matter you are hiking or trekking always select shoes which are water resistant because you don’t want your feet cold and wet.

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