We're smart shoppers, just like you. 

In our search for shoes that were built for the outdoors, we quickly discovered that many of them were way too overpriced and beyond our wallet's reach. We were looking at so many hiking boots starting from the big brand names to even the specialty up-and-coming labels. We just couldn't find hiking boots that fit perfectly in that sweet spot of having both functionality & a reasonable price point. So here we are. We started Nortiv8 to offer shoes that utilized high-grade materials but available at an affordable cost for our amazing customers.


Although our products have such great value, our obsession for performance-driven shoes and timeless designs did not allow us to skimp out on the process. We let the high-quality materials and craftsmanship speak for itself. Each of our products is completely designed and developed in-house, drawing inspiration from the world that surrounds us and our extraordinary customers. The result: shoes that are equal parts beautiful, functional, comfortable & affordable.