Men's Hiking Boots JS19004M

SKU: AE-2-C0-JS19004M-BLACK-SZ-06.5
  • Waterproof Footwear: Nothing puts a damper on the day like a soggy pair of shoes â€?these water-resistant boots will keep your feet dry wherever you’re headed. These boots feature waterproof synthetic leather on the outside and waterproof, breathable membrane construction on the inside, allowing moisture to escape while keeping your feet dry.

  • Durable & Slip Resistant: The rubber outsole promises excellent traction whether it’s raining or not.

  • Flexible & Comfortable: Removable, flexible insole offers arch support and brings all-day comfort. Flexible midsole reduces foot fatigue and absorbs shock for less wear on the foot.

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    Clouds On Your Feet

    I don't have experience with the super expensive, high end hiking shoes, so I may be way out of line in saying this, but these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had the privilege of placing on my feet. It feels like I'm walking on little clouds. Even after a 1.5 hour walk to break these in, it felt like I hadn't been on my feet at all. The traction on them is incredible as well; I was scaling rocky hills like I had the feet of a mountain goat. Probably a weird comparison to make, but anyways, these shoes are great and the sizing is perfect. For the price, they can't be beat. Highly recommend.

    Amazing boots

    I am very impressed with these boots. Regarding size, when I first got them in my usual shoe size, they felt a little large, but after trying a size down, I realized that the boots were just so comfortable I wasn't feeling tightness that I usually feel with some shoes and boots. So my usual size was the correct size, and these are sized perfectly. Overall, they are super comfortable, soft, warm, light, and supportive. When I walk in them, they are very soft and comfortable on my feet, and they are so supportive under the foot and around the ankle that they feel very natural and easy to move in. I'm not a fan of using 3 hooks at the top, that would be my only complaint because it adds that much more time to put them on, but they are too good for me to let that be a negative. I've only had them a short time, so I don't know what future reliability will look like, but they appear to be well constructed and made of good materials, so here is hoping.

    Hear me out!

    I've had these boots for over a year now, and they have exceeded all expectations. I'll be honest, these boots are NOT meant for retail workers, but I wore them nearly every day to work and they worked great. I wasn't sliding on the floor, i could wear them out in the rain on the wet concrete when I was running out to cars to give them their drive up orders, I wore them outside doing yard work, I wore them basically everywhere and they've held up, so much so, that I'm considering buying a second pair (only because dog poop is really hard to get out of the small cracks in the bottom). I'm only giving 4 stars because after a while of wearing them for 8 hour shifts where all I'm doing is simply standing at my register, my feet would ache. These boots are meant for outside use, yard work, hiking, things where you're moving around and don't want to slip and also don't want the boots you're wearing to get wet. They're not meant for standing all day, trust me. But, in my honest opinion, they're good boots. Not the best, but good nonetheless. They'll hold up well and help get the job done, I believe.

    Super comfortable boots at a great price!

    First, I'm not the type to write many reviews but I feel these boots deserve one! I wasn't expecting much at this price point but was I surprised! This is a great boot... warm and extremely comfortable. I pulled the memory foam insole out, slid a Dr. Scholls cushioned arch support in and placed the original memory foam insole back in on top (I need extra arch support). These are the most comfortable shoes I've had in a long time. I wear them even on my off days because they're more comfortable than my Nike cross training sneakers. I work a security job and I'm on my feet my entire shift which includes walking all floors of a 9 story building and a 6 story parking garage. My feet aren't near as sore at the end of my shift as with other shoes and their traction seems great. I'm inside and outside a lot with my job and so far while being outside my feet have not gotten cold at all. As far as being waterproof I can't say yet how well they hold up as we haven't had much snow or rain recently. I think I'll spray them with a heavy-duty outdoor Scotchguard to enhance any waterproof capabilities they have. Durability and quality seem good so far with two to three weeks of daily use at several miles walked per day (no stitching coming undone, separation at seams, etc)... Don't be hesitant about getting these Nortiv8 boots! They even come with an extra set of laces. I hope you love yours as much as I do mine.

    Great shows. Great price.

    My husband use these to go hunting in the mountains in Colorado. He said they were amazing. He walked about 25 miles in them to break them in, but never got any blisters or anything. They were very comfortable, but unfortunately he wasn't able to completely prepare for the Colorado to rain in Houston. My husband use these to go hunting in the mountains in Colorado. He said they were amazing. He walked about 25 miles in them to break them in, but never got any blisters or anything. They were very comfortable, but unfortunately he wasn't able to completely prepare for the Colorado terrain in Houston. He is thrilled with them overall, though! We are both really glad we didn’t spend $200 on other brands.