Men's Flip Flops REVIVA-2

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SKU: N192-2B0AB01-G06MB-02FFEE
  • Anatomical, compression-molded EVA midsoles with ICEVA drop-in footbeds
  • Mush topsoles cushion and form to your feet for exceptional comfort
  • Sponge rubber outsole with flocking coating providing added stability
  • EVA midsole offers excellent support and shock absorption
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John B.
Light weight, good traction, and comfortable

I wear the slipper mostly in the house. Occasionly would wear it to use on outdoor when we go to the beach. The slipper is very comfortable. My shoe size is size 10.5 and I opted for size 11 flipflop. I like it bigger to ensure my toes don't stick out. The flip flop is easy to wash and dry fast. So far it has withstand some good use walking on beach.

Andreas A.
Review after trying and testing more than 10 pairs of sandals.

Recently my favorite pair of sandals / flip flops broke and so it was time for a replacement. I’ve had those flip flops for almost a decade - they were that good! And so I wasn’t going to settle for any new pair of flip flops. I was determined to find the best one. Here’s my review after trying and testing more than 10 pairs of sandals from Amazon. The three most important features that differentiate sandals (apart from looks - that is highly personal) are the following: - Height of the sole: Some sandals are so thin that it's as if you're walking barefoot while some others are uncomfortably thick which can make you lose balance. - Type / material of sole: Some of harder and water-resistant, others are soft and some are in the middle. - Looseness of the strap: That for me is perhaps the most important differentiator of sandals. Too lose and you struggle to keep them from flying off your foot - too tight and it makes for a struggle every time you try to put them on. This particular pair: I liked it overall even thought I was not looking for a hard water-resistant sole. I might have gone with it had it not been for the sole. The tightness of the strap was relatively good as well as the height of the sole - not too thin not too thick. The looks of it is also really good which is another plus. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a water-resistant pair!

Very happy

Bought these for my husband and he said he loved the look of them and that they were very comfortable. He also liked that when they got wet his foot didn't slide right off or make the squishy sounds when he walked. Very happy with them and they were a great price. Would definitely buy again

Excellent fit, soft

The recipient does not wear "flip-flops" but we moved into a house with white carpet. Yikes. He actually wears these inside the house because he says they give him some cushion when walking across the hardwoods. Ordering another pair for "outside". Oh, and they look good; the wide straps really do hold his feet in. He's a 9 M (not skinny and not fat feet).

Deb H.
Great Flip Flops!

I was searching for a pair for my husband when I stumbled across this pair. The size and color we chose happened to be marked down to $10.99 so that was bonus. I thought for that price it was worth giving then a try. They are Great! He says they are very comfortable and will be easy to clean. I've added more colors to my list.